Carbon fender


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Carbon Fender

When people like something, the designer paid attention to the details. Ugly details make beautiful things less beautiful. And to beautify your bike we made beautiful fenders. Standard fenders are simply … standard fenders. You need them, but it the looks….. well not quite.

Are you someone who likes beautiful things this can be disturbing.  These fenders are not only beautiful shape, but also beautiful material. The strong and lightweight carbon fiber has a beautiful structure, which revamps the whole bike. The shape ensures that you do not get wet when it rains, or as you race through puddles and mud paths. They are designed for years of carefree driving pleasure.

These carbon fenders are available for 20 “or 26” wheels. The maximum width of the tire that will fit in the fender is 50 mm. The width of the fender is 63 mm so you need this much room in your fork. The fenders are supplied with al the mounting materials. For a rear wheel you will get two stainless steel rods on each side, the front wheel uses 1 stainless steel rod. They weigh between 275-350 grams depending on the model.

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20" frontwheel, 20"rearwheel, 26"frontwheel, 26"rearwheel


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