About us

About us


Since 2002 Ligfietsshop Tempelman is the place to be for everything about recumbents. Over the years we have many people happy with their new or used recumbent. The basic principle is that you want and need a bike that suits your needs.  That is why you can test drive all our showroom models. A recumbent is something different that a normal bicycle. And only after a decent test drive you will know if the recumbent of your dreams fits your body. I like the hard shell seat made by Ice, but I can only ride it for about half an hour. So I’m back to the mesh seat.

Not only do we sell recumbents and trikes. We can do you maintenance also. We try to keep all the special recumbent parts in stock. In this way we can repair your recumbent as fast as possible. For the people that want to do their maintenance themselves we have webshop where you order your parts.

A special category is cycling with a disability. We have a lot off experience in this area. If it is just the controls to one side or a complete rebuilt to fit the bike to your needs. At Ligfietsshop Tempelman you are at the right place. The fitment of electro assist is no problem. Over the years we have done many and know which ones work and more importantly which ones don’t work.

So in short you are more than welcome in our store. Even if you are just curious and want to talk recumbent and drink some coffee